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January 2013

Bringing the Boardroom to the Battlefield

From @StaffRideGuy: Profile of MetaVR

January 25, 2013

Company Profile

MetaVR, Inc. was founded in 1997. We are a software development company whose primary focus is visualization of real-time 3D worlds. Our main goal is to provide the simulation and training and GIS communities with superior software products and graphics technology at a substantially lower cost than offered by our competitors. From the company's inception, we have focused on using off-the-shelf personal computers, Microsoft Windows, and the Microsoft DirectX graphics environment to provide 3D real-time simulated visualization of the real-world, primarily for military simulators. The past 10 years have seen a major shift in the simulation industry to provide high quality and affordable training systems to reach more soldiers. Our background in PC image generators was established by making use of the confluence of Window PCs, 3D graphics cards, DirectX, and foremost -- forward thinking program managers in the US Army and Air Force.

MetaVR™ is a small company with the majority of staff comprised of software engineers. We work in a geographically distributed environment; all company members work from remotely located home offices. There is no single central location of operation. MetaVR's image generator and terrain creation software products are developed entirely in the USA by developers who are US citizens.

Our business model and technology contribute to our uniqueness. Since we only deliver a commercial product that customers pay for when it meets the written requirements for a fixed price, our customers know that we are incentivized to perform and that their costs will be fixed and known. MetaVR software is designed to follow the technological advances in the game industry and we only use hardware that can be readily purchased from commercial outlets, such as Best Buy. (Our customers want true hardware independence.) We are always honest and realistic with our customers about our products’ capabilities and we are committed to supporting their success. MetaVR continues to monitor its growth such that we can maintain the unique environment of freedom, technology, ethics, and profitability that make both our customers and employees happy.

MetaVR establishes virtually integrated partnerships and secures service-based partners to provide our needed infrastructure. Encrypted high-speed Internet connectivity is used to maintain internal communication and to communicate with our partners.

News on Staff Rides:

MetaVR Delivers Iraq 3D Databases to Combat Studies Institute

The Combat Studies Institute (CSI), an academic department within the Combined Arms Center at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, uses 3D terrain of areas in and around Baghdad, Iraq, from MetaVR. The Baghdad databases, or “virtual views” as CSI refers to them, are used to create enhanced warfighter training experiences and opportunities prior to deployment.

MetaVR developed the 270 km x 200 km 3D terrain from colorized 1 meter black and white imagery and 30 meter elevation data using our terrain creation software, both our commercial products and internal tools. Within the overall terrain databases, nine built up regions were developed, each with an average of approximately 885,000 polygons per scene, including six of areas in Baghdad, two of the town of An Nasiriyah, and one of Al Aziziyah, a town about 60 km east of Baghdad. Each 6 km x 6 km area consisted of built up microterrain with geospecific cultural content and colorized imagery.

About the delivery

The initial delivery contained high-resolution, geo-specific terrain and cultural content representing nine areas of interest in Iraq, including the cities of Baghdad, An Nasiriyah, and Al Aziziyah. These nine areas are located within an area of approximately 270 km x 200 km, ranging from 3431520N to 3698956N and from 427050E to 622213E.

About the models

To create realistic feature content, MetaVR’s model designers created photo-realistic models of several types of buildings and other cultural features, such as bridges, trees, sewer pipes, street lights, power lines, curbs, fences, culverts, and public monuments. Many of these features were built with photo-realistic textures based on public domain photographs of the Baghdad area. Content from MetaVR's 3D model libraries is also used in the databases.

About the training environment

CSI’s training for military officers includes conducting virtual staff rides of selected Baghdad campaigns using MetaVR's terrain databases. The initial use of the databases is for training Command and General Staff College students. Instead of traveling to a site to execute a normal staff ride, students can use VRSG to visualize the terrain. They use the same procedures as in a normal staff ride except that they do not physically "walk" the terrain.

Sales and Support

Sales and Inquiries
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET
Email: sales@metavr.com
Phone: US 617-739-2667
Fax: US 617-249-0151

Software Technical Support
Monday-Saturday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm ET
Email: support@metavr.com (Email support is available 24/7)
Phone: US 617-739-2667

Corporate Office
The MetaVR™ corporate office is located in Brookline, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

MetaVR, Inc.
80 Somerset Road
Brookline, MA 02445-4514 USA

Other MetaVR offices are located in San Antonio, TX, Portland, OR, Huntsville, AL, Winchester, VA, and Nashua, NH.

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