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January 2013

Bringing the Boardroom to the Battlefield

From @StaffRideGuy NEWSLETTER #USArmy Games for Training: POE STRI

February 15, 2013

U.S. Army Games For Training Program
Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) U.S. Army

To field and support an Army-wide, game-based training system that provides our Soldiers with a platform to train small unit tactics, techniques and procedures in Unified Land Operations.

VBS2 U.S. Army is a 3-D, first-person, games for-training platform that provides realistic, semi-immersive environments, dynamic terrain areas, hundreds of simulated military and civilian entities, and a range of geo-typical (generic) as well as geo-specific virtual terrains. U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and multinational equipment is modeled. Over 100 users can join the same exercise on a network. A 3-D scenario editor is included as well as a robust After Action Review capability. VBS2 is compatible with DIS and HLA in order to provide integration with Live, Virtual and Constructive architectures. Several new capabilities will be available in version 2.0 including terrain paging, more realistic models and updated behaviors. VBS2 v2.0 is expected to be released in FY13 after completion of the User Acceptance Test.

Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) Fires
VBS2 Fires is an advanced, call-for-fire module for VBS2 that simulates artillery, mortars, MLRS and naval gunfire support at a high level of fidelity. It allows offensive support specialists to construct a call-for-fire mission, which is then processed and actioned accordingly within VBS2. Simulating exterior and terminal ballistics, VBS2 Fires enables gun-to-target visualization of artillery orders in VBS2. The wide array of munitions, fuse types and firing platforms allows instructors to range from basic skills to decision making from individual to battalion level. Seamless integration of VBS2 Fires with the existing VBS2 training programs enables Call-For-Fire training to be conducted simultaneously with other Soldier skills in the same virtual environment. An update to VBS2 Fires is expected to be released in FY13 along with VBS2 v2.0 after completion of the User Acceptance Test.

Bilateral Negotiation Trainer (BiLAT)
BiLAT is a 3-D software simulation designed to provide an immersive and compelling training environment to practice skills in conducting meetings and negotiations in a specific, cultural context. Students assume the role of a U.S. Army officer to conduct a series of bi-lateral meetings with local leaders to achieve mission objectives. Enhanced Learning Environments with Creative Technologies (ELECT) BiLAT is a part of the Learning with Adaptive Simulation and Training (LAST) Army Technology objective (ATO), a collaboration between the University of Californiaís Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Human Research and the Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED) and the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Commandís Simulation and Training Technology Center (RDECOM STTC). BiLat v2.1 is available for download from the Milgaming web portal, https://milgaming.army.mil.

UrbanSim is a PC-based, virtual training application for practicing the art of battle
command in complex counterinsurgency and stability operations. UrbanSim consists of a game-based, practice environment, a web-based multimedia primer on doctrinal concepts of counterinsurgency and a suite of scenario authoring tools. The practice environment allows Soldiers to take on the role of an Army battalion commander and to plan and execute operations in the context of a difficult, fictional, training scenario. After developing their commanderís intent, identifying their lines of effort and information requirements, and selecting their measures of effectiveness, Soldiers direct the actions of a battalion as they attempt to maintain stability, fight insurgency, reconstruct the civil infrastructure and prepare for transition. UrbanSim targets Soldiersí abilities to maintain situational awareness, anticipate second and third-order effects of actions and adapt their strategies in the face of difficult situations. UrbanSim is driven by an underlying socio-cultural behavior model coupled with a novel story engine that interjects events and situations based on the real-world experience of former commanders. UrbanSim v1.011 is available for download from the Milgaming web portal.


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Structured around the Saratoga Campaign, 1777, this staff ride explores the most decisive strategic encounter of the Revolution, pitting the vainglorious, but diversely talented British General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne against the flagrantly ambitious and resentful Northern Continental Army commander, Gen. Horatio Gates. Minutes from Albany in an almost untouched condition amid beautiful surrounding (and manifold attractions).