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January 2013

Bringing the Boardroom to the Battlefield

From @StaffRideGuy NEWSLETTER @USMC is an innovator in Staff Ride Support, eg. Gettysburg

May 7, 2013

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Research Guides for Marine Corps University School Staff Rides

What is a Staff Ride?

A staff ride is a case study, typically of a military battle or campaign, conducted on the ground where the event happened. It is considered an essential instructional technique in advanced military schools and in field units. Marine Corps University (MCU) schools provide several Staff Ride opportunities for students throughout the school year.

A staff ride is a group exercise requiring participation and active engagement by the participants: a successfull staff ride will challenge you to put yourself in the place of history and seek answers to questions such as

What happened?
What would I have done, or done differently?
How did the organization, leaders and subordinates contribute to the success of failure of this military exercise?

The following research guides are designed to facilitate understanding of the history behind the event. You can explore primary sources, archival materials, maps, videos, RSS feeds, articles and books from our library collections and databases.

Please contact the Reference Staff with any questions about our research guides.

American Civil War
•Battle of Gettysburg (1863)
•Battle of Chancellorsville (1863)
•Battle of Antietam (1862)
•Battle of Fredericksburg (1862)
•The Overland Campaign (1864)
•Battle of Bentonville, NC (1865)

Mexican-American War
•Battle of San Pasqual (1846)

Revolutionary War
•Battle of Yorktown (1781)

World War II Guides
•Battle of Okinawa (1945)


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Applied Battlefield Concepts LLC adopts the US Army's Senior Leader Development Program (SLDP) tools for professional and management development and training in non-military organizations. The Corporate Staff Ride is our first product.
The Corporate Staff Ride is flexible in design and can be developed internally to address the specific leadership development and team-building issues of any organization. The cost of a developing and implementing a customized APPLIED BATTLEFIELD CONCEPTS LLC Corporate Staff Ride is $25,000-$50,000 plus expenses.
An intensive, experiential learning-based, leadership exercise conducted on the site of the "bloodiest day" in American history. The battle ended all hope of foreign intervention and was a major strategic Union victory, but the decisions, indecision, blunders, and perfectly calculated risks are a rich source for studying leadership in action at the pinnacle.
Structured around the Saratoga Campaign, 1777, this staff ride explores the most decisive strategic encounter of the Revolution, pitting the vainglorious, but diversely talented British General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne against the flagrantly ambitious and resentful Northern Continental Army commander, Gen. Horatio Gates. Minutes from Albany in an almost untouched condition amid beautiful surrounding (and manifold attractions).